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I'm starting University this year, so I have a lot of RL stuff I'm saving up for~ Tuition, gas money, etc. Money is tight for my family and my parents won't let me work until I get out of college. Even 10 :points: (which becomes $.10 USD for me) will be returned with my thanks. Feel free to press as many times as you want (You may also request that I change the price so you only have to press it once (I will change it for you)).

In return, I'll give you a critique/feedback (if you don't have a PM, I'll do it in the comments), on any artwork(s) of your choosing. Every 10 :points: = 1 Critique opportunity.
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First, I must note that I am unfamiliar with this fandom, so I won't comment on how in-character your characterization is. I think your story is very cute and you have good ideas as to what you want to happen in your story. The dialogue is believable and flows nicely between the characters. There's no question as to who's speaking when.

However, there are several aspects that I think definitely need improvement. This is largely a technical issue (hence the low rating on Technique). First of all, you have a lot of grammar mistakes in your story. Keep an eye on tenses - you switch between past and present tense when it should stay consistent (otherwise, you will confuse your reader and it will disrupt the flow of the story). "7-year-old" should be "seven-year-old" (always spell out numbers ten and under!). If you're using quotes like you do in “defeating” the “dragon”, you should be using single quotes, not double (eg: 'defeating' the 'dragon'). Only use double quotes for dialogue. "OK" should be spelled out as "Okay". There are a few other grammar errors, but these are the ones that stood out the most to me.

Even though this is a fanfic, you are still writing a story. Have you ever read a book that uses "FLASHBACK" & "END FLASHBACK"? No, right? I know a lot of fanfic writers tend to do this, but it's a big turnoff for readers (I think I've even seen it on the badfic bingo cards a few times!) This is because the flow of the story gets disrupted, and it's always better to "show not tell" when writing a story. Simply stating "FLASHBACK" feels sort of like you're shoving the idea into the reader's face. Try coming up with a transition that shows the reader that it's a memory without outright stating it. Make sure it feels smooth and let the ideas flow into each other.

Don't think I didn't like your piece, because I really did! I think you had a great vision - a great development in idea based upon the prompt. I think the idea's already really cute, but it could be much more impacting on your reader if you fix up some of the technical aspects. I realize this is just a theme challenge, so it make sense that you don't have a beta. (If this were a longer fic, I'd definitely suggest you get SPAG beta because I know editing is really hard!).
Nai Pagedoll
Nai (Karneval)

Whoo~ Not too shabby for my first time doing pixels, I think. The animation was way harder than pixeling, to be honest. The sparkles were so challenging, and they still don't turn out the way they should be when I upload the gif (it looks different when I preview it on photoshop?) Feedback to help me improve would be much appreciated; let me know what you think of my pixel art (if you guys like them, I'll definitely do more!)
Hey guys! So I've just started University a few days ago, which I'm both terrified and excited for! However, this means a slowing in my overall inactivity on DA as I get used to my new home and my classes. Other than being slow in uploading drawings, I will not be able to be as active as I have been as a founder in my groups, All-Advertise and Elite-Adoptables . However, Commissions will remain open and will be a priority in my life, and the first priority as an artist. On that note, I really want to thank all of you who commission me, because all of that money is going towards University and living expenses. 

However, since I don't have much time to fully develop the ideas I have in mind for my original artwork (including but not limited to art of my OCs), I will be opening requests so I can still create art, but in a more relaxed manner :) I will do these requests in many different digital art forms (such as sketches, experimental pixel dolls/icons, and also various levels of coloring). If you want to see examples of my style, please see my gallery HERE.

Request Rules:
- I am accepting both Fanart and OC requests. Fanart requests are more likely to be chosen than OCs.
- This is not first come, first serve. I choose how many and which ones I will do. Requests are a low priority for me - I won't tell you I did your request until it's done.
- I will draw single characters or pairings of any kind (MxM, FxF, FxM) and I will only draw humans/humanoids/Kemonomimis
- All requested artwork is for personal use only. You are not allowed to claim the artwork as your own (including reposting) or distribute the artwork commercially in any form.

If you want a Request:
Please leave a comment below on this journal with the Character's Name and an Image Reference for each character (even if you think I might know who the characters are). You are also free to request a pose for the characters or an interaction between characters, however, it is not guaranteed that I will be able to do it if I draw that character (although I will try).
You may request as many characters as you wish and as many times as you want! Please do not leave a comment saying "may I have a request?".

Of course, if any of you want to show some support for me here at University or would like me to draw something specific, please feel free to check out my Commissions here: I will be taking discounted offers for commissions, and they will still be of high priority. Thank you!


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I enjoy Drawing, Calligraphy, and Graphic Design. Digital Art is my chosen media, although I do draw traditionally as well. I am always hoping to expand my artistic knowledge and experience.

Although I don't do as much fanart as I'd like, I do enjoy browsing fanart, so you will find many fandom-related art in my favorites.

Constructive Criticism is always Welcome, and I appreciate any tips I can get for improving my art :) FEEDBACK IS LOVE <3

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